Monday, July 6, 2009

Update: Benchmarking the iPhone, and lots of other devices

I had several comments and requests stemming from my original blog on benchmarking so what better way to respond to them than another entry.  I also have an update from starting to create a full fledged app rather than the console one I wrote about earlier.

First, thanks for the comments and keep them coming.  I had one comment that the Java ME version didn't work on Sony K850i.  I created a new version created with the latest NetBeans 6.7 for the latest CLDC/MIDP versions but it too didn't work simply saying "Invalid application".  I know it worked on several BlackBerry's and a Motorola L6 so suggestions are welcome.

Another comment provided some numbers for an IBM T43 which I've added to the spreadsheet.

As promised, I started fiddling with creating a proper iPhone app using Xcode and have gotten an ugly but functional version of the app working and initial indications are that it scores better than the one compiled with gcc on the iPhone.  Where the gcc version had a score of 27.9 the Xcode version scores double that at 65.7.  This is running on the same phone/hardware so the difference has to be the compiler and Xcode must generate a lot better code.  I'm still researching to see what I can find out.

Last, as promised, I've made some source code available.  Take a look at the C version and I'll work on getting the others up as soon as I know they are stable.

I welcome more feedback and results from running the benchmark.

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