Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 Vancouver Winter Games - Argh, no CBC!

A week ago or so in anticipation of the start of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, I wrote a blog entry in which I expressed thanks that I (and those in Seattle or other close to Canada cities that get CBC) would be able to not constrained to the delayed and packaged for Joe American coverage that NBC provided as I'd have access to CBC's coverage which would likely be live and with more detail.  Alas, I was wrong!

I based this on the fact that CBC had covered the 2008 Beijing Summer Games splendidly and I found myself watching them live and just recording and perhaps watching later the NBC coverage.  Unfortunately, it appears that CBC did not win the rights for the Vancouver Olympics, instead CTV did.  Am I'm not the only one that made this assumption and am now disappointed.

So, I'll now be searching for ways to watch events live on the internet, or recording NBC's coverage to watch it at my own pace where I can skip all their fluff.  After all, if they are delaying it for me in the first place, what more harm is there going to be if it is delayed a bit more by me!

Note to NBC, this defeats the whole purpose of your advertising as I skip all the ads when I watch it off the DVR.  If you want me to watch the ads, show it live so I have reason to watch it live and endure the ads.

If anyone has any pointers to alternative ways to view the Olympics on the internet, please comment.

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