Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Farewell to Sun

I was notified a week ago that I would not be making the transition to Oracle and today was technically my termination date.  I came to Sun through the acquisition of SeeBeyond in 2005 and enjoyed the past 4.5 years working with fantastic engineers, creative marketeers, and just generally a bunch of great people.

I will miss many things at Sun from the culture, to the products (stay tuned for more thoughts on that in an upcoming blog entry), but most of all the people.  To those that are making the transition to Oracle, represent our products well and take advantage of the opportunity that working for Oracle provides.  To those that like me are not, best of luck in your future endeavors and let me know how I can help.

As far as I go, I will enjoy a little time off to see if I can improve my tennis and golf games and watch some Winter Olympics, but am definitely looking forward to the next challenge, whatever that may be, from middleware to cloud to development to who knows what.  My LinkedIn profile has a summary of what I've done and is a good way to contact me.

(image courtesy James Gosling)

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