Sunday, March 21, 2010

Found a bug in Google Chrome with Gmail and Google Charts

I've been using Chrome as my default browser for a few weeks now and generally have liked what I've seen.  There are a few web-sites that don't work, primarily due to plug-in issues, but I came across a strange bug when working with Gmail that is kind of surprising.

There is a labs feature for inserting images into an e-mail that I've used in Firefox for awhile now and it works great.  I can provide a URL to the image and it appears in the sent e-mail just fine.

I had occasion to try this with Chrome last week and to my surprise, it didn't work.  Now, it appeared to work just fine as I was composing as I could insert the image and it appeared in the composition, but the receiver of the e-mail said there were no images.  I looked in my sent e-mails and sure enough, rather than an image there was just a blank box.  I sent an e-mail to myself and the same thing happened.  Just to check, I went back and did it with Firefox and it worked.

So, further inspection was required. I tried copying and pasting from the sent e-mail into an HTML editor and what do you know, the IMG tag was indeed wrong. Rather than:
it was:
[partial url]
A little more investigating revealed that things went wrong if I save the e-mail as a draft and go back to it so it doesn't happen only when the e-mail is sent.

Now, the URL I was using was a very long and complicated one pointing to a chart using Google Charts API.  So I tried it in Chrome with a simpler URL to an image and that worked fine.  So the conclusion is that Chrome somehow can't handle a long URL pointing to Google Charts but Firefox can.

I did submit a bug so we'll see what happens, but has anyone else observed this or a similar problem and have a solution?  For now, I'm using Firefox when sending e-mails like this.

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