Friday, March 12, 2010

Data is a Wonderful Thing

The world we live in is generating increasing amounts of data each and every day.  And this is great as when you have the data, you can analyze and graph it in new and interesting ways.  From sports to weather to financials to politics to demographics to who knows what, being able to analyze data, look at trends, and visualize it through graphs, charts, maps, etc. brings tremendous power and insight.

Some examples of interesting data or analysis thereof I've come across in just the past week or so:
Stay tuned, I'll continue to share interesting data and applications of it I come across.


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  2. I do like it. Social media and applications provide a tremendous opportunity to gather and analyze more data, this is a perfect example.

  3. Yeah, he's making use of some very powerful API's. Interesting guy to follow.
    Representing relations in data is also getting increasingly important. Couple of years ago IBM already launched but that's just a start in the whole range of "human information interaction". Xerox found out that one can read about 3-4 times faster when chunks of sentences are projected in sequence instead of moving from left to right. i must add Sun's Project Looking Glass which aimed to address this coming trend, which was an order of magnitude more cool than BumpTop. J Schwartz mentioned it in a recent blog, but despite the good looks it was from back in 2003. Hope Oracle is going to play around with this in the context of JavaFX and indexedDB (the upcoming standard for client-side browser storage). Anyways, enjoy.