Friday, March 19, 2010

links for 2010-03-19: Russia approves Oracle/Sun; Palm Reports; Tim Bray on Andriod; America's Cup

  • Russia approves Oracle, Sun merger with conditions - Not sure what the condition really means as how can it be proven they continue to develop it?  For what period?  That said, other open-source projects from Sun would have welcomed such conditions given what appear to be their fate.
  • Palm reports results - Not a good trend.
  • Tim Bray interview on Android - "More importantly, because the platform is open source and the APIs to all of the components of Android phones are open, there are no developer NDAs. Programmers who encounter a problem merely need to Google the error code and find answers and solutions in the large development community."
  • Larry Ellison: Make America's Cup about sailing, not money - "This kind of talk is certain to warm the soggy hearts of yacht-racing fans everywhere. Coming, however, from a man who can, and often does, buy whatever he wants, it also seems to stretch credulity."  Ironic to say this after spending $400M to win it himself.  But he does admit that 1 out of every 10 years it is ok to have a free for all like we just had.

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