Monday, March 1, 2010

Switching to Chrome from Firefox (for a week at least)

I've had periodic issues with Firefox where it will suddenly start using a significant amount of the CPU for no apparent reason.  I'm not watching any video or viewing any pages that would indicate an issue.  Sometimes closing some tabs helps, but often the only solution is to quit out of Firefox and restart.  Upon restarting all the same pages open and the CPU is fine.

I have installed and played with Google Chrome for awhile now but had continued using Firefox as my default browser, but for this week I've committed to using Chrome as my default browser.  I'll post my thoughts and what I plan to stick with at the end of the week.

FWIW, when I tweeted my plan to use Chrome for a week, @firefox_answers did respond with some helpful info to try to make Firefox behave better, that being:

  1. Test Firefox plug-ins
  2. Test extensions
  3. Try a fresh profile
There was a Flash plug-in update I didn't have but doubt that is the issue, and I'm not interested in testing out #2 or #3 as the problem doesn't happen consistently.  Also, given how often this suggestion comes from @firefox_answers I suspect there are quite a few issues.

Anyway, stay tuned.

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